4 Meaningful Travel Souvenirs that Can Double as Christmas Presents

Maybe you’ll be away in the weeks leading up to December 25 and miss the Orchard road Christmas sales. Or perhaps you feel like gifts from abroad are just more unique. Whichever the case, both are valid reasons to do your Christmas shopping while on holiday! To get you started, here are some travel gifts that would make perfect Christmas presents as well.

#1 Limited Edition Christmas Fandom Merchandise

Let’s face it, Singapore doesn’t have as wide a range of fandom merchandise as overseas markets like the U.S., Japan, and more. The really die-hard fans may choose to order them online, but if you’re travelling abroad, why not just pick up something small for your friends?

For example, if you know someone obsessed with the Minions, you can purchase special Christmas-edition items from Universal Studios Japan‘s Minion Marketplace. It’s special enough that it’s (in this case) the Japanese edition; the festive theme is but the icing on the cake.

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#2 Local Specialty Snacks and Biscuits

Christmas is the season of not just giving, but feasting as well! If you’re hosting the party, you can buy a spread of snacks and cookies and serve them. We promise that your guests will be “ooh-ing & ahh-ing” over the delicious bites.

travel gifts

If you’ll be the guest instead, you can still bring along a box or twono Singaporean will say no to more food! (Read also:  15 Japanese Snacks You Will Regret Not Buying Home & The Best Taiwanese Food Souvenirs To Bag Home)

#3 Handmade Trinkets and Decorations

Head to Europe and you’re bound to stumble upon a Christmas market or two. Although Christmas markets originated in Germany, they’ve become common practice in many European countries like Switzerland, Austria, and more.

travel gifts

The Trier Christmas Market in Germany is one of the oldest and most anticipated night markets in Europe! (Image credit: Trier Christmas Market, Werner Hardt)

More recently, these festive town square markets have popped up in Asian communities like Japan and Korea too.

You’ll find food, drink, and seasonal trinkets, usually handmade by local craftsmen. We recommend buying home some seasonal items like wooden toys, snow globes, and more. If it’s for that friend who’s particularly enthusiastic (read: fanatical) about Christmas, you can even make it a practice to pick up tree decorations each time you travel at the end of the year.

#4 Postcards from Abroad

When was the last time you received a card via snail mail, let alone a postcard? In this digital era of instant internet messaging, we hardly give any thought to handwritten notes and physical cards anymore.

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So this Christmas, why don’t you try something new (or should we say “old”)? Buy a handful of postcards from your holiday destination, pen a heartfelt Christmas greeting, and then pop it into an international postbox for your friends. It won’t cost more than a dollar (in stamps), and in our opinion, it’s much more meaningful than a “Merry Xmas” text message.

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Feature image credit to Trier Christmas Market, Werner Hardt